Our Mission

To Bring Melrose Place Back - The Original One


Everyone remembers the hit night-time soap opera:  Melrose Place.  The place where business was always mixed with pleasure.  The place where blackmailing, stealing and backstabbing literally was a full-time job.  And the place where the act of cheating on a spouse was second nature.  Melrose Place, the show that always left you wanting more.  Now, after almost 2 decades of its debut, WE WANT MORE!

We all know that there is a lot of Unfinished Business that needs to surface.  The Sex, Lies and Money that have evolved over the seasons is still eager to grow.  Feel free to contact the network, cast and crew and tell them how you feel.  Michael, Kimberly, Peter, Lexi, Taylor and the infamous Amanda Woodward (to name a few) still have a few knots to tie.  Come join them in the complex and help bring them back on the air.  I can see the bodies floating in the pool now.  4616!

We don’t want a continuation of MP2, not just a reworking of MP1, we want a whole new show.  We want the best of both worlds, all worked into one brand new, different, fresh scripted show, a dramedy by Darren Star and only the beset writers to rival all other shows, filled with the best humor, great drama, shocking moments, long-running mysteries, huge cliffhangers & good sex!  (To get your own and the writers thinking – just check out Potential Ideas). We want Melrose Place to come back again, we want it done the way the Melrose Place fans want it done – it can rule the airwaves, watercoolers and press again!  MP3 has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Contact the Important People:


CBS is most important, they own the rights to the show – and only they can bring it back, and we need to tell them to bring it back, or allow another channel to do so, tell them about the campaign, the website, until we are heard! Here are their contact details:


Click here to visit their website and send an e-mail
or e-mail this address:  audsvcs@cbs.com
Nina Tassler (President of CBS Entertainment)
Email:  nina.tassler@cbs.com
Phone – (323) 575-2747


Darren Star – the writer and creator of the original, he knows the characters as well as we do, he can do it right!   Darren Star Productions contact info:


10202 Washington Blvd
Site 2210
Culver City, CA 90232 USA
(310) 244 7898

The Tenants – stars of the show, be it on facebook, twitter or email, we need to generate media awareness, tell them you want them back. Please note these are the ones we found contact details for – these are not the only ones we want to come back.  Remember, we want a new show, a better show.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t care for the character.  It is about generating media awareness for the campaign, whatever it takes!













Contact them every day without fail until we are heard!

See our next page for others ways to contribute – let your voice be heard!

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