Potential Ideas

Reasons Why The Show Should Come Back, New Ideas, Cool Marketing Plans


There are so many things that could still happen, that never happened that we’d like to see, things that have remained unanswered, back stories still to be delved into, there are so many possibilities, just check these out below, doesn’t it make you think, and wish the show was back already?

Unanswered Ideas

Jo’s son Austin was taken away from her by the court (Season3) – she can look him up when he is 18 – we want to meet Austin!

Taylor left with Michael’s son (Season6) – where are they?

Jane married Kyle while pregnant with Michael’s baby (season7) but never told him – what happens if he found out?  And are they still married?

How did Sydney get the building from Lexi (Season7 and MP2 Season1?)

Natalie Miller – left in the opening sequence of the original’s pilot – we want to meet her!

Michael has a brother, Daniel Mancini mentioned in Season 1 of the original – we want to meet him!  (our casting suggestion is Michael T Weiss)

Kimberly was taken away on a train – we don’t think she is really dead!

We think Allison is the P in WPK!

We want to know how Amanda returned from the island!

We don’t think Sydney is really dead!

Shelly Hansen should be out of jail by now.

Martin and Ricky said they were not done with Sydney.

Caitlin vowed to avenge herself on Amanda.

Amanda has a half-brother, called David Michaels who was played in the Spin-Off to Models Inc by Brian Gaskill.  The plot could thicken!

We would like to know whatever did happen to Rhonda and Sandy and how they would fit into Melrose Place again.[/custom_list]


Marketing Ideas

We want a secret per episode, a secret per season and a cliffhanger finale.

Hold a press conference – stage a “catfight” between Amanda vs Lexi, Michael vs David, Amanda vs Ella, with guards intervening as was done with the Freddy vs Jason conference in 2003.

With Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters ending – the next guilty pleasure market is wide open.

We want print ads featured in the media for each new season showcasing who the latest tenant is to move in (be it an existing character returning or a new character!)

Have a re-run marathon of the old & new MP – complete with a Q&A & discussion group linked to it on FB before the premiere of MP3.

Hold a big press conference with all the old and main cast ever – just for the heck of it – a television reunion special!

Join one of our 3 groups if you feel like discussing Melrose Place – Old or New or MP3, someone always has an opinion!

Random Ideas

Picture the building being renovated a 3rd time and the new landlord starts construction by having the pool uplifted.  The shovel is put into the ground – there has been a body underneath the pool the whole time!

During the renovations someone finds a box full of documents with everyone’s crimes in the laundry room – and suddenly everybody is being blackmailed.

Jane and Jo wake up hung over in Michael’s house – everybody laughing off the previous night’s party, they all start to talking about the good old days and then the last 10 years since they left the building, all we need to know is resolved in flashbacks and then the groundwork is set for a brand new show!

We want to explore all the old cast’s back stories and have them fully integrate with all new characters!

We wouldn’t mind an original Beverly Hills 90210 crossover onto MP3 for a short while!

If Michael was to get shot at, the suspects at the very least would be Megan, Taylor, Lexi, Kimberly, Sydney, Jane, Peter, and those are just the obvious suspects!

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