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Share This Campaign, Spread The Word, Get It Out There


These are the posters a group of us fans have thought of and designed.  We hope you like them.  Why not share them and lead people back to this website, where people may contact these key people and continue the campaign.  Feel free to copy any poster you like, email it, send it out there, publish it somewhere – your choice!


Click here to view our witty collection of campaign slogans.


Click here to view our collection of the old cast wanted posters.

CBS Melrose Place Store

Click here to go to the online shop of CBS. If you shop here, it will show CBS there is money in it for them.
Alternatively, you can click here to view and or buy the show on DVD from Amazon. You can complete your collection, renew your interest in the show and show the networks there is money in it for them.



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